Georgia Twinn lets us into her anxiety on diary-esque new track “I Don’t Mind”

Georgia Twinn, who started to gain attention from her Instagram and TikTok videos, has recently turned her attention to music. Since releasing her first track, “On Your Mind” last year, she has released two others, “You Shouldn’t Have F****d With Me” (last month) and “Let it Happen” (in September). This week she has shared a new track, “I Don’t Mind”, which was co-written with GRADES (Dua Lipa, Khalid). 

The 17-year old artist has received enormous feedback since her debut last year. Her online presence and success, paired with her relatable lyrics, are a recipe for success. Twinn’s songs so far have been a mix of calming vocals and electronic beats, and following suit is lyrically relatable “I Don’t Mind”. If you’ve ever felt anxious about getting to know or liking someone, you’ll connect with the lyrics. If not, just soak in the fast yet calming rhythm of “I Don’t Mind”.

Listen to “I Don’t Mind” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

“I Don’t Mind” is out on EMI Records. You can find Georgia Twinn on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.