Photo: Dillon Moore

Gabriel Sayer adds funk to his humour on the irresistible “Youngest Child”, announces debut album

Gabriel Sayer is the musical alter-ego of Comedian Gabe Gundacker, whom you might know from his highly humorous YouTube channel (including the viral “Zendaya is Meechee”) or work on MTV shows with Hannibal Buress. While music plays a big part in his comedy, he’s separating his work as Gabriel Sayer into a more concentrated effort at musical artistry, and will be releasing a debut album called Beautiful Relaxing Music on November 12. It features contributions from Jerry Paper and drummer Riley Geare (Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Caroline Rose), and Gundacker says about it:

“It is not it is sincere comedic but like my comedy, it is still playful and esoteric. like most good music, it is a collection of love songs. My heavy influences on this project were Tyler, James Blake, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Erik Satie, Joe Jackson, Taeko Onuki, Shintaro Sakamoto, Ray Barretto & Brian Wilson. I worked on the album after work in New York in between writing comedy music for television.”

Having already shared the excellent single “Pfizer” earlier this year, he today shares “Youngest Child”. Coasting on a rhythm and crunchy synth that’s reminiscent of Stevie Wonder or Prince at his smoothest, Gabriel Sayer finds the perfect through-line between earnest observation and heartwarming humour. Classic sounding from top to bottom, “Youngest Child” is the kind of song you could imagine blasting out of a radio on a sunny afternoon car ride with your parents, just vibing as you glide in the backseat. Before long, you might realise there’s something kinda funny going on in the words, which reflect on all the shortcomings of being the youngest in a family, and spirals into the impact on his adulthood and romantic relationships.

Take a listen below or on streaming platforms.

Gabriel Sayer’s debut album Beautiful Relaxing Music comes out on November 12 through Acrophase Records. You can find the Gabe Gundacker on Bandcamp, Twitter and Instagram.