Photo: Renée Meijer

Future Husband portrays love in decay with cinematic slow-burner “Real For You”

A relationship at its peak can be as complimentary as your own shadow reflecting in the light. But, depending on distance or vantage point, that shadow can become more distorted and fractured from its source. Dutch-Nigerian artist Adura Sulaiman, aka Future Husband, portrays this dramatic unfolding urgently on her new single “Real For You”.

Starting off as an acoustic ballad of yearning, the song takes a deep breath at 1 minute and 19 seconds to brace for the ensuing discharge, as the music unwinds in emotional debris of synths and noise. The main hook “is my real not real for you?” is repeated like a mantra.

“The song originated as an acoustic guitar track” Sulaiman comments. “Playing a song with just vocals and a guitar always gives me a very personal, close, and classic relationship to a song. The noise, synths, and everything that happens at the end of the song symbolizes the emotions that I went through.”

“Real For You” is the second single by Future Husband after releasing the more chipper dream pop/neo-soul hybrid “Ritual”. Watch the new video below:

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