Los Angeles-based French-Korean artist Claire Chicha aka spill tab has only a handful of singles online but is already amassing a large listenership that has seen her rack up millions of streams. Today she shares the latest track, “Santé” (“Health”), which is her most moody and atmospheric to date. She worked with regular collaborator David Marinelli, saying:

“I sent a bass line to David around the start of Covid, and he went off and hashed out the track and sent it back to me to add vocals. We just went back and forth wanting to create a sort of smokey club vibe, something I don’t think we’ll get to experience anytime soon; so it was a way of reliving those moments with the creative process and just having fun with it.”

The “smokey club vibe” immediately cloaks you on “Santé”, and spill tab’s cool-as-ice French vocals only add to the style and allure of the track. Like most of her tracks so far, “Santé” is sub-two-minutes, but builds a whole world of ideas and sounds to delve into – even if you don’t speak French. While its core is a bass-forward electronic jam, “Santé” is elevated by copious production tics all around, making everything crackle, pop and ooze with captivating sophistication.

You can hear “Santé” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

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