Stéphane Quême

French house legends Braxe + Falcon form duo, share the delightfully meandering “Step By Step” with Panda Bear

To say the least, the proper pairing of Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon has been a long time coming. The cousins, alongside Daft Punk, helped define (and refine) French house years and years ago, only to more or less recede from public view – particularly Falcon, who until now hadn’t released music in 20 years.

Yet, now that that they’re here, it’s as if Braxe + Falcon haven’t missed a step, continuing to deal in the velvety dance music they always have, along with some new tricks. Announcing their imminent Step by Step EP, they’ve shared both the title track and “Creative Source”.

While the latter revels in familiar sounds, “Step by Step”, featuring none other than Panda Bear, gracefully slides into a different zone. Loping and crystallized, the track feels no rush to head anywhere particular, dwelling in a gorgeous wash of sound, the perfect blanket for their guest vocalist. It both overtly reaches back to the 80s and feels like something fresh and enticing.

On “Step By Step”, they say: “The instrumental could be seen as a downtempo variation of the Roulé era club tracks. Panda Bear wrote and performed amazing vocals and it transformed the instrumental into a beautiful song, which in its final form could be defined as a power ballad with French house DNA.”

Check both songs out below and on streaming platforms, and look out for Step by Step soon.

The songs are out on Smuggler’s Way, Domino’s new dance and electronic imprint.

You can find Alan Braxe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. DJ Falcon is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.