Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean shares two gorgeous new tracks, “Dear April” and “Cayendo”

Last year at his PrEP+ clubnight and on his Beats 1 radio show “blonded RADIO,” Frank Ocean teased two tracks, “Dear April” and “Cayendo,” both of which made their way into circulation as the A-sides of 7” vinyl releases, earlier week. Now, the allusive pop genius has made them widely available for streaming.

With the heavily teased “Cayendo” and “Dear April”, Frank has gifted two imid pop gems that’ll throw listeners back to the introverted spirit of Blonde. Waxing poetic in Spanish over super sensuous ambient guitar, “Cayendo” is a textbook, lovelorn ballad about unreciprocated love: “Si puedo soportar lo que siento, ¿por qué me ‘toy cayendo?” or “If I can stand what I feel, why am I falling?”

“Dear April,” however, is the more stunning offering of the two, as Frank croons over a placid organ instrumental and builds upon the often-explored emotional wallop of fractured love: Dear April, we were safe for a while / We were safe as the years flew by…”

The larger discussion to be had with the release of these two songs, however, surrounds the possible release of a long-awaited new record. Before dropping this pair, Ocean previously released “DHL” and “In My Room,” all of which feature similar, thematic artwork (silhouettes), which tease a possible larger whole. 

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