Photo: Sean Cook

Four Tet and William Tyler share second collaborative track, “No Services”

London producer Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) and Tennessee guitarist William Tyler‘s collaborative single 12″ is now out in the world via Psychedelic Hotline, so we get to hear the b-side “No Services”, following up the gorgeous a-side “Darkness, Darkness”.

Whereas the a-side drifted from meandering mood into samples of jazzy, full-band jamming, “No Services” stays almost entirely ambient across its seven minutes. This is all echoing piano chords, disembodied guitar and reflective atmospherics; a serene comedown from the exertions of “Darkness, Darkness”. If anything, it’s a signifier of how broad the duo’s potential collaboration could go, if they have or will create any further music together. Let’s hope they do.

Listen to “No Services” below or buy/stream both sides of the 12″ here.