Photo: Timothy Saccenti

Fly Anakin announces debut solo LP, shares Madlib-produced lead single “No Dough”

It’s hard to believe we’re only just getting Fly Anakin‘s proper solo debut album now. The hip hop stalwart has been making significant noise in the ‘underground’ rap community for several years now, but he’s swayed towards collaboration, releasing projects alongside the likes of Big Kahuna OG and Pink Siifu, among others.

Well, he’s ready to claim the spotlight for himself at last. He’s announced Frank, which, indeed, is his proper solo debut LP. To kick things off – in no minor way – he’s shared the project’s lead single, “No Dough”, produced by none other than Madlib, following up last year’s “Ghost” and “Sean Price”.

Frank is due out 11th March on Lex Records, and “No Dough” is more than enough to tide us over in the meantime, even in spite of its brief length, it packs a punch. Check it out below.

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