Amsterdam duo Feng Suave have revealed that they’ll release a new EP called So Much For Gardening on August 27. It will feature recent single “Tomb For Rockets” as well as today’s new offering “Come Gather ‘Round”, which they introduce by saying:

“‘Come Gather ‘Round’ is a somewhat cynical reproach of capitalism and greed which also includes a nod to the prospect of the impending end of civilisation.”

At first, you might just think “Come Gather ‘Round” is an unassuming slice of classic pop in the vain of The Beach Boys, as it’s chock full of buoyant bass, precise harmonies and singalong melodies. A closer inspection of the lyrics reveals the cynicism residing within, as they sing lines like “Me and my shares are on a bubble up and we’re never coming down” and “Some of the most impressive real estate is being developed near my house / An inconceivably lucrative fortuity, wow!” When it comes to the chorus and they gesture, “come everyone gather ’round,” it feels like people collecting in a group at some kind of innocent summer camp. That is, until the next line comes along: “the end of the world is any time now,” and it suddenly becomes like some weird suicide cult… In a way, it’s just a truthful reflection of the world we’re living in, where we have to pretend the world isn’t crumbling and go on happily about our lives – and “Come Gather ‘Round” is the perfect soundtrack to this daily delusion.

Watch the video for “Come Gather ‘Round” below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Feng Suave’s So Much For Gardening EP arrives on August 27 (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.