Photo: Maxwell Granger

Experimental pop duo Jockstrap share “The City” and announce EP

Earlier this year London’s Jockstrap dropped the massive “Acid”, along with the equally massive news that they’d been signed by Warp Records. Now the pair are back with the news that they will be releasing an EP called Wicked City on June 5, and have shared a new track called “The City”.

Wicked City is set to be a sort of response to their debut EP, Love Is The Key To The City, as Georgia Ellery explains: “The two present a dichotomy in both understanding and feeling. The heavy autobiographical narrative of Wicked City is married to an expressive and limitless sound world; influenced by everything we [Georgia and Taylor] have ever musically absorbed and moulded with a ‘fuck it’ attitude. Particular musical features of this record include classical composition, through-composed songwriting and the heavy influence of dubstep.”

Those mangled influences can be heard in the amorphous sprawl of “The City”, which starts as a wistful piano contemplation – but with Jockstrap you always know there’s a twist on the way. It duly comes about two minutes in, when Ellery’s vocals start to extend in alien fashion, before a stonking bass drops and the rest of the song plays out like glitching nightmares all meshed into a hideously compelling whole.

Look out for Jockstrap’s new EP Wicked City, incoming via Warp on June 5. You can follow Jockstrap on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.