Photo: Everything Everything

Everything Everything emote into the infinite void on “Planets”

Everything Everything have today delivered another taste of their upcoming album, Re-Animator, in the form of a track called “Planets”. Singer Jonathan Higgs comments:

“‘Planets’ is a song about calling out to be loved, feeling unworthy and finding the love of the universe instead.”

Less frenetic than they have been lately, Everything Everything still compact the feeling of the overwhelming nature of life into this beautifully spiralling song. Higgs adds many lyrics that’ll make you double take, including references to frat boys and virgin blood, but that only adds to “Planets”‘ unusual beauty – at once making you feel alone and yet loved by some giant unseen entity.

Listen to “Planets” on your preferred platform or watch the video below.

Re-Animator by Everything Everything is out on August 21. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.