Photo: Silken Weinberg

Ethel Cain smolders across the gloriously slow burn “Gibson Girl”, announces debut album

Ethel Cain has been patient. Despite having released her first projects in 2019, she’s been deliberate in ensuring the time for her proper debut album would be just right. She’s finally poised to deliver it, just as she intended: Preacher’s Daughter will finally be here on May 12.

To go along with the announcement, she’s shared the album’s first single, “Gibson Girl”. Boldly exploring new territory for the singer-songwriter, the track is propelled by distant, thudding drumbeats and a focused, decidedly down-turned performance from Cain. She takes it slow, letting the track gradually build to a fiery stop.

Speaking on the track, Cain shares, “Being a woman is about never quite reaching a goal that someone else set for you. Under pressure to fit an impossible standard, I find myself daydreaming about what it would be like to be perfect in a way I can’t ever possibly achieve. I’ve always been in love with Evelyn Nesbit, the Gibson Girl, and thought she was the absolute pinnacle of feminine poise and grace. Whenever I start to lose myself and forget what I’m capable of, I just turn to her and she’s the greatest reminder.

Preacher’s Daughter promises to be a patient salvo, with Cain having overseen every aspect of its creation, crafting something bracing and intimate at once. In the meantime, check out “Gibson Girl” below or on streaming platforms.

Preacher’s Daughter is due out May 12 via Daughters of Cain. Catch Ethel Cain on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.