Nashville-based songwriter Emma Swift will be releasing an album of Bob Dylan covers on August 14, excellently titled Blonde On The Tracks. Having already shared her version of “I Contain Multitudes”, this week she has shared her reinterpretation of “Queen Jane Approximately”. Swift says:

“I’ve always enjoyed the Laurel Canyon sound and on this recording of ‘Queen Jane Approximately’, producer Patrick Sansone and I had a load of fun evoking the spirit and the sound of The Byrds. It was one of the first songs we tracked and really helped set the tone for the rest of the album.” 

That warm California sound really does come radiating out from Swift’s version of “Queen Jane Approximately”. While her version of “I Contain Multitudes” showed her ability to tap into the more sombre side of Dylan, here she takes us off on a rambling and buoyant trip through the verdant countryside, the richness of her voice resonating with the song’s heartfelt and lovelorn poetry.

Emma Swift’s Blonde On The Tracks will be released on August 14 through Tiny Ghost Records. You can find her on Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.