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Emily Breeze finds solace in reasonable functional expectations on “Ordinary Life”

With its bubbly bass, disco cadence and chiming guitars, Emily Breeze‘s new song “Ordinary Life” could easily moonlight for a Blondie tune… if said Blondie tune were to be narrated by Cruella De Vil. “I was a terrible waitress / and and even worse singer” she opens with her signature oozing deadpan.

But then she interjects herself: “And I didn’t care!” And thusly, a series of “bigger, brighter, better” misadventures lay waiting for her. That “glittering” future turns out to be… well, kind of a mixed bag of “widescreen high definition surround sound love affairs” and “low budged B-movie one night stands”. And as far as the Bristol-based artist is concerned, that’s perfectly ok.

Or as Emily herself puts it, “a reflection on a gloriously misspent youth and a celebration of the magic, misery, miracles and monotony that are sewn into the fabric of everyday existence where you are the hero of your own mythic quest. It’s a quest that involves biblical first loves and tragic one night stands, epic all nighters and the quiet desperation that follows as your dreams disperse like the fronds of a dandelion clock in the cold morning air. You blink, two decades have passed and you become the thing you always despised, a three dimensional, functional adult with reasonable expectations.”

Emily Breeze’s new record Rapture will be released via Sugar Shack Records in February 2023. There will be a music video for “Ordinary Life” out October 7th, but until then, check out the song below or on streaming outlets.

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