Photo: Neil Murphy Miguel

ELSAS explores her internal world on the stark art-pop track “Creadora”

London-based Spanish artist ELSAS emerged recently with “Weeping Willow”, her debut single for untitled (recs), which is home to many other BPM faves like Famous, Jerskin Fendrix and Horsey. Although, ELSAS’ sound stands apart from those named, as she works in the art-pop realm with plenty of crystalline production combining with her powerful voice. Her new single is out today and is called “Creadora” (“creator”), with the artist saying:

“Since I moved to London I’ve been fascinated by the strangely draining, anonymous and compressed space of the daily commute. It’s some kind of performative space that leaves us turning to our inner worlds. I’ve had some of my most lucid realisations in a crowded carriage. I wanted to explore what this psychic world looks like, in an aim to remind myself of the power of imagination and our capacity to set free from our daily earthly weights and expectations. Wrapped in Covid fevers I came up with most of the symbology of the video and it became my 2020 lockdown project, shot in my hometown near Barcelona. Creadora is an exploration of the alter-ego and free will; a self-reassuring open note: ‘reality is a blank canvas, palpably shapeable, create yourself!’” 

Being in a crowded space – especially a rail car – can be draining, so for ELSAS to turn internally and come out with something so inspiring and affirming is a testament to her artistic prowess. Her words – entirely in Spanish – skip across the subtle bass line and tactile beats, while harmonies close in like shimmering walls all around. She effectively evokes her mental landscape, at once claustrophobic and endless, her voice pushing the walls outwards to give more space to her ideas and the textural production. In “Creadora” she has captured both the difficulty and strength of the artist in a captivating pop turn.

“Creadora” is a tour-de-force, made even more palpable by the beautiful video, directed by Neil Murphy Miguel, which takes us into that crowded train carriage and ELSAS’ mind in a beautifully conceptualised way.

Watch the video below or find the song on streaming platforms.

ELSAS has an EP called The Art of the Concrete arriving some time in the coming months, which we’ll keep you updated on. For now, you can find her on Instagram.