Photo: Poppy Marriott

Ellie Bleach cuts men down to size with the baroque pop “He Bought Me Nikes”

There are many great ways to introduce yourself, but few would have the confidence to open with a baroque harpsichord line. Cue Ellie Bleach, who arrives with her fourth single “He Bought Me Nikes” like it 1720. The London-based singer-songwriter has been garnering attention for her spiky tongue and sharp wit, all unravelled over dreamy pop backgrounds, and her new single does not disappoint. Comparisons to Lily Allen and Laura Marling are well justified, but Bleach brings something detailed and individual to the mix.

Bleach explains that “He Bought Me Nikes” is “about a type of guy that I’ve encountered time and time again with a God complex that leaves them totally aloof and detached from anyone that tries to get close to them.”

The inspiration delves deeper, specifically from the Jonestown Massacre and the heaven’s gate cult, musing over the the power of an enigmatic personality that people fall for so quickly. As the central figure of Bleach’s song delves into madness, the tempo quickens with keys, choral vocals, and jittery hi-hats. “He Bought Me Nikes” swirls into a magnificent cathartic release at the end, sliding between stately and serene. “I can’t shake the feeling this could all be a test of faith,” she utters before the song comes to a halt. Thankfully this song is no leap of faith; the components of the single are pretty much guaranteed to bring some joy to your day – even if it is just the best song with harpsichord you hear today.

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