Photo: Third Pupil

Dreampop quartet Crumb float to victory on new song and video “Trophy”

Crumb have released their first new music since their 2019 debut album Jinx. The new track is called “Trophy” and comes along with a surreal video by regular collaborator Haoyan of America.

A song about taking your time to reach the gold, “Trophy” is a showcase of Crumb’s impossibly pillowy instrumental interplay and studio trickery. One that’ll tickle all the areas of your brain as the sounds whoosh around the stereo field, “Trophy” relaxes just as much as it invigorates, and sets us up nicely for whatever Crumb have in store on their next album.

The intermittently serene and manic video for “Trophy” makes a perfect accompaniment to the unpredictable track. Check it out below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

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