Photo: Corinne Schiavone

Drab Majesty spinoff VR SEX announces new album with provocative acid punk jam “Victim or Vixen”

VR SEX is the solo project of Drab Majesty’s Andrew Cinco – although he goes by the name Noel Skum in this guise. He’s just announced his second full-length from the project, Rough Dimension, which will be out on March 25 through Dais.

Along with that, he’s shared the lead single “Victim or Vixen”, a caustic post-punk jam that invites us to walk down a hazard-filled city street in the shoes of the titular wayward and strung-out character. As the song surges forwards on blasts of fuzzed-out guitar and powerhouse percussion, Skum unloads volley after volley of unsettling images, from “chewing your lips til it’s blood you ingest” to “a serving plate turned into a sinner’s dinner – no one’s a winner.” Along with the increasingly maxed-out sonics, it all piles up into an experience that’s as thrilling as it is anxiety-inducing.

Adding to the weirdness is the video, which Skum introduces by saying “Ursula the slug goes out for a day on the town. What will happen next?” Watch it below or find “Victim or Vixen” on streaming platforms.

VR SEX’s new album Rough Dimension is out on March 25 through Dais (pre-order/save). You can find VR SEX on Facebook and Instagram.