Photo: Yulia Shur

Dove Armitage thrives “In Chaos”

Some artists merely look avant-garde, but Dove Armitage is The Real Deal. For starters, Dove can spank the bass with the best of them, not to mention synths and a host of other instruments. The artist’s new EP Concernless, released today, includes a fabulous track called “In Chaos” that serves as a post-punk primer on how to write a great song.

“In Chaos” is driven by riveting keyboard work, chugging along nicely until the chorus takes a minor key detour, only to resolve to major in the final chord of the song. That’s Paul McCartney-type virtuosity, even though Dove’s influences veer closer to The Cramps.

“I address negativity by acknowledging it, then figuring out how I can spin it in a positive way,” says Dove. “How can we acknowledge our experiences without belittling them, to live and thrive regardless of those challenges?”

It’s difficult to be both artistically daring and concernless, but Dove Armitage does that brilliantly on “In Chaos” and the EP’s other five tracks.

Listen to “In Chaos” below, or find the full EP on the streamers.

Concernless is out now on KRO Records.

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