Dominic Wolf channels his determination into the genre-defying gem “Fool”

London-based bedroom producer Dominic Wolf has today shared “Fool”, the title track from his forthcoming EP. On the song, he reveals:

“Production wise, I’ve never worked on a song for as long as this one. I really took the time to develop it and allow it to reveal itself to me. The song itself reflects how I felt at the time of writing and has kept me going because in the end you just have to keep going.”

That symbiosis between the song’s subject and its creation adds a certain charm to “Fool”, and it already has plenty going for it in its sheer creativity. A bouncing DIY bedroom bop, “Fool” finds Wolf combining chopped tones into meticulous beats, beds of violins and synths weaving in and out, and many other homespun sounds filling out the song – but not cluttering it. He layers it all perfectly to underscore his message of resilience; “These days I’ve carried it through like nothing I knew because I don’t want you think I’m a fool.” He needn’t worry: in listening to the depth and commitment that has gone into making a song as lovingly detailed as this, there’s no way we could think him a fool.

Listen to “Fool” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Dominic Wolf’s Fool EP comes out on August 6 through AWAL. You can find him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.