DIY rocker Shane T searches for solace across his new EP, Night Drive

An unassuming nomad who has traversed the vast expanse of the eastern United States, today, singer-songwriter Shane T (aka Shane Toriscelli) has found momentary solace and resolve in the form of his new project titled Night Drive. And yet, simultaneously, this five-song collection of heavily reverbed bedroom pop tunes is still far from resolute. Throughout the Night Drive EP, the 27-year-old DIY magician wrestles with his church upbringing and the process of coming out of said upbringing — fate, good, evil, integrity, etc. — all the makings of an essential commentary on sense of purpose are here and vibrant.

The project’s themes of overt religiosity and its accompanied hypocrisy may be the most convicted and convicting aspect of Night Drive, which Toriscelli reflects upon further in regards to the track “Deeper”: “When you grow up in the church and then grow out of the church, the insanity of certain aspects of it quickly becomes clear,” Toriscelli maintains.

Shane T traverses these ambiguous and melancholic spaces with a voice of boyish naivete: to whom this sense of purpose draws toward is effectively unclear. But this songwriting choice makes our young, nomadic multi-instrumentalist both beguiling yet resonant to those especially residing, or have resided, in the Bible Belt from which Toriscelli originates.

Stream the Night Drive EP below, and catch Shane T on a 27-date North American tour with Ritt Momney that kicks off in Salt Lake City.

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