We’re now four weeks away from the release of ENERGY, the third album from British dancefloor dominating duo Disclosure. This week they’ve shared another new taste of what’s to come, which sees them bringing in Fatoumata Diawara for a follow-up to their previous collab on 2018’s “Ultimatum”.

This time around they’re celebrating Diawara’s home country of Mali with the lively “Douha (Mali Mali)”. The new track is a perfect example of a little going a long way – something that Disclosure have proven themselves masters at multiple times – combining a stylish house tempo with Diawara’s mellifluous tones which slide and pop all over the track to perfection. Disclosure add in a few little flashy adornments, but Diawara is the star; magnetic, energetic, and the person who’s undoubtedly going to be partying until the sun comes up.

The video for “Douha (Mali Mali)” was directed by Mahaneela, who says: “Right now, all over the world, we’re going through an incredibly strange time. I wanted to make something that was visually beautiful, but also felt symbolic of what we’re all going through. People feel more isolated than ever and I wanted to create something joyful that really shows the power music and movement has and the connectivity it brings.” 

Watch the clip below or listen to “Douha (Mali Mali)” on streaming platforms.

Disclosure’s new album ENERGY is out on August 28 via Island. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

You can find Fatoumata Diawara on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.