Different Jane offer angular indie rock rhythms and beers in the video for “Let’s Get a Drink” [BPM Premiere]

Hailing from Norman, Oklahoma, Different Jane aren’t a band concerned with passing fads or elaborate musical facades. They offer indie rock filtered through a nervous energy and strung with clanging guitar lines, a roar reminiscent of bands such as The Strokes or Arctic Monkeys. But there is an underlying disregard for genre convention that provides a foundation of experimentation within the band, allowing for wild forays into the darkened corners of countless rock and roll histories.

The band will be releasing their debut album, Rooms, on September 15, and it finds them roughing up various genres until the sounds are nothing but frayed edges and worn contours. Led by singer-guitarist Ian Roberts, the band sought to create a record that would feel timeless and effortlessly shoulder the mantle of decades of rock music. The resulting collection of tracks offer classic rock sounds as filtered through modern production techniques, giving each song an authenticity and personality worthy of their predecessors.

On new single, “Let’s Get a Drink”, Roberts and the band ramble through acres of astringent guitars, freight train percussion, and vocals that wander around at 3am looking for an open bar. It’s wiry and ferocious and maintains a direct line to its rock and roll antecedents. Despite the song’s buzzy rhythms, there’s an underlying rumble of post-punk attitude, with the band offering smirks and middle fingers as they roll through melodies expressed in sinewy movements and filtered through various levels of deconstruction.

“This song is kind of a true story about growing up and having a crush on a girl who is older than you,” explains Roberts. “More specifically, I had a big crush on one of my best friend’s sister and her friends who were maybe 4 or 5 years older than me. In the simplest form it’s about me being older now as an adult and the possibility of asking them out.”

Directed by Ian Finneran, the accompanying video follows the band as they spend time recording he song in a studio and then as they grab drinks at a bar. It’s a loose and shaggy performance clip that highlights the band’s comradery while also giving us a glimpse into the inner workings of their collective musical creativities.

Watch the video below.

Different Jane will release their debut EP, Rooms, on September 15. Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.