Angel Deradoorian is set to release her new album Find The Sun later this year – now sadly pushed back to September 18. As an olive branch, she has offered up the new song and video “Monk’s Robes”, about a monk escaping to a mountain to meet god. Deradoorian says:

“I’ve heard so many people say ‘I want to escape to the mountain and live alone because life is so fucking painful sometimes’. And that’s not really the way to do it either. You need to be isolated, you need to learn about yourself, but you can’t really stay there. You also need to integrate. You need to do both.”

“Monk’s Robes” takes the journey of enlightenment and turns it into a spiritual drift among sonic terrains. At first an inviting acoustic ballad, with tripping piano like fairylights guiding the way, “Monk’s Robes” then takes a shift to a more imposing, fateful finale. It might not take us all the way to enlightenment, but it’s certainly a trip.

Deradoorian’s Find The Sun comes out on September 18 through ANTI-. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.