Deftones announce new album with the cascading title track “Ohms”

Californian alt-rock legends Deftones have announced the details of their ninth album: it’s called Ohms and is coming out on September 25 through Reprise. They’ve also shared the title track which is spearheaded by the message “This is our time _we devour the days ahead.”

As expected by the title “Ohms”, the track is meditative and self-possessed, but is such within the framework of Deftones’ usual larger-than-life guitar sound. Stephen Carpenter’s playing draws concentric circles of buzzing melody all around Chino Moreno’s central figure, as he sings nihilistically, touching on images like “we slip into an open sea of regret.” But, just when you think hopelessness might take over, Deftones expand the song into a gorgeously electrifying plateau where Moreno seems to drift, and he comes to peace with himself – “time won’t change this.”

Deftones’ new album Ohms comes out through Reprise on September 25. You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.