Photo: Victoria Gold

Cosmo Gold explore celestial vibes through the dreamy psychedelia of “Wildflowers”, announce debut album [BPM Premiere]

The work of Los Angeles synth-pop band Cosmo Gold has always been lensed though a gauzy, psychedelic spectrum of sound. A side project of Emily Gold and Mike Deluccia from Valley Queen and guitarist Stephen Burns, they first gained attention with their debut single, “Drown the Fly” in 2019 and would go on to release their Waiting on the City EP later that year.

The band’s name came from Gold’s father, the late songwriter Andrew Gold (“Lonely Boy”), and it was meant as a call to reach beyond our own understanding and discover things outside our normal purview. Also, Gold’s father wanted to name her Cosmo, as he was obsessed with all things occult, so it operates as both homage and honorary alter-ego for Emily. 

The band has announced the release of their debut LP, Krong, which is set to come out sometime in the fall. A concept album about an astronaut who has become disillusioned with earthly matters and wants to leave the trappings of ego and doubt behind on his terrestrial home, it’s named for one of the species they encounter as they travel the stars, learning that existence is temporary and the only constant is that “the answer is love” — a revelation which is found within the record’s closing track.

For our first glimpse into the galactic expanse of Krong, the band has shared lead single, “Wildflowers”, a gauzy but propulsive slice of synth-pop that blossoms into a theatrical burst of cyclical melodies and shimmering guitar lines. Gold’s voice weaves its way through this landscape, a guiding force that directs us as we take our first steps into the heavens with her. With echoing nods to bands like Cocteau Twins, DIIV, and Wild Nothing, the song never loses its identity in a sea of influences, finding new ways to adapt these sounds for its own needs. It’s an iridescent wonder built on a foundation of undiluted creativity and boundless imagination.

“‘Wildflowers'” was written in the summer of 2020,” explains Gold, “when lockdown took on almost a dreamy quality. Life slowed down dramatically and I spent a lot of time aimlessly walking around Highland Park, where the band was living at the time and just sitting outside, daydreaming. I was thriving internally, counter to what was happening in the world externally. I began to reflect on the fleeting nature of the seasons and how I hadn’t noticed all the wild flowers in our neighborhood in previous years because I had been too busy. It absolutely broke my heart. In what felt like a “nature is healing” moment, a dove decided to lay its eggs right outside our window. The whole house watched for weeks on end all the way from the bird building its nest to the baby birds taking their first flight. It was something out of a storybook and I’m not sure we would have noticed it in our busy lives before. The song is about wanting to be present and patient in life.”

She continues: “The song itself has a swirling melody with a pop pulse but what really makes this track special is the beat I originally created for the demo was transformed by Mike to be 100% sampled real bird sounds, in particular the birds of Highland park, which creates an organic heartbeat. Just as nature is unpredictable, the song departs halfway through and travels through the wilderness of Krong, propelled by Stephen’s psychedelic guitar work.”

Watch the lyric video below.

Cosmo Gold’s debut album, Krong, is due out this fall. Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.