Coma Cinema announces new album, Posthumous Release


Between Mickey’s Dead and Hotter Sadness, downer-pop extraordinaire Mat Cothran unleashed two heartbreakingly gorgeous albums on the unsuspecting music public last year as Elvis Depressedly. We made no secret here of our love for both of those records, and now Cothran is returning again to his Coma Cinema moniker, a similarly downcast project, though one traditionally marked by a slightly higher-fidelity and more careful sonic attention than his Elvis Depressedly work.

After a year threatening the end of Coma Cinema on tumblr and a week recording in LA with Rachel Levy (of R.L. Kelly), Trung Ngo, and Brad Petering (both of TV Girl), Cothran has emerged with news of Posthumous Release which will be release May 21st on cassette (via Orchid Tapes) and vinyl (via Fork and Spoon Records). Check out the cover above and the track list below.

Update: Per Coma Cinema’s Facebook page, Jason Wyman of TV Girl also contributed to the recording process.

But wait, that’s not all! Cothran mentioned on tumblr late last year that a new Elvis Depressedly album was on it’s way as well. While it seems (through his frequent recording dispatches on Tumblr and Twitter) that this record is still in progress, Cothran has assured me via email that it too will see the light of day sooner rather than later. He says, “the Depressedly album is called Best New Music and will be out in April on tape and vinyl.”

Posthumous Release Track List:
1. White Trash VHS
2. She Keeps It Alive
3. Bailey Jay
4. Lee (Columbine High Harmony)
5. Satan Made A Mansion
6. Partners In Crime
7. Burn A Church
8. Virgin Veins
9. Survivor’s Guilt
10. Marie (No Sleep)
11. Posthumous Release

Lots of new music on the way soon from the Cothran camp, but until then check out these older versions of “Survivor’s Guilt” and “White Trash VHS” which will appear in updated form on Posthumous Release

“White Trash VHS”

“Survivor’s Guilt”