Photo: Damien Maloney

clipping. announce new album with the intense “Say the Name”

It’s only been a year since clipping. released their last set of foreboding rap blasts in the form of There Existed An Addiction to Blood, but they’re already gearing up for another – and, to be honest, with everything that’s going on in the world it’s not really a great surprise that they feel fired up. The new record is a sequel to Addiction, is called Visions of Bodies Being Burned and will come out through Sub Pop on October 23.

The album’s title is taken from the Geto Boys track “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”, where they mention “candlesticks in the dark / visions of bodies being burned” – a couplet that is warped and repurposed in lead single “Say the Name”. As usual, William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes create a foreboding and echoing atmosphere around this hook, leaving plenty of space for Daveed Diggs to do what he does. Dragging his flow through this heady atmosphere he remains calm, even while what he describes is disturbing and alarming – which only has the effect of making his words even more visceral and worrying. Once he’s stepped away from the mic, “Say the Name” builds up into a textural and overwhelming beat that seems to be beckoning us back into clipping’s unique universe – which we’ll continue to investigate when the album drops.

clipping’s new album Visions of Bodies Being Burned comes out on October 23 through Sub Pop and will feature Ho99o9, Cam & China, Sickness, Michael Esposito, Jeff Parker, Tedd Byrnes and Greg Stuart.

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