Photo: Jeremy Reynoso

Claud can’t deny their unrequited feelings on “Soft Spot”

After a couple of years of releasing warmly received singles and EPs, Claud has finally announced their debut album: it’s called Super Monster and is set to arrive on February 12 through Saddest Factory Records (Phoebe Bridgers’ new imprint). Following on from early single “Gold”, released a few months ago, comes “Soft Spot”, about which Claud says:

‘… Sigh. I have a soft spot for lots of people, places, and things. This song is about knowing I can’t be with this one specific person, but my feelings won’t go away… I still hope I run into them, or they randomly text me about something. It’s just me romanticising what I can’t have and being like “but what if…”’ 

We’ve all been in that place, standing on the peripheries of a party, just getting an angle on someone you fancy, watching them chat and laugh, trying to psych yourself up to go and talk to them again – but it’s not them. Claud renders this vulnerable state with splashy guitar and dreamy synths, while their words rattle around like paranoid thoughts in the aftermath of a heart-quickening encounter. In the chorus they lay it all out in no uncertain terms: “You made it clear that it’s over now / but you’re all that I think about / so now I don’t know what the hell to do / ’cause I’ve got a soft spot… I’ve got it for you.” While the object of their affections might be impervious to Claud’s furtive approaches and undying adoration, it certainly works its charms on the listener, who, in listening to “Soft Spot”, will want to do nothing more than wrap them in a warm and loving hug. Then take them out for some fun to take their heart and mind off it.

Claud’s debut album Super Monster is out via Saddest Factory Records on February 12. Find them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.