CIX takes us into the murky life of a sex worker on the unsettling art pop gem “Denature Me”

CIX (pronounced ‘see’) is the project of South East London’s Cix Shrimpton, who released her debut EP a few years ago. The last year has provided her more time to focus on her music and level up, which is evidenced in the engrossing new single “Denature Me”. She says:

““Denature Me” is a tropical anthem about the kind of men who pay for sex, and a particularly nasty encounter I had with one in a hotel room who paid me several hundred pounds to mutilate his genitals. He builds embassies in Shenzhen.”

It’s not clear whether the above quote is fact or fiction, but once listening to “Denature Me” it doesn’t matter, as CIX brings these characters to life in vivid colour through her sing-song storytelling and textural production choices. She combines chirping birds with fizzing synths and gloomy piano chords, all over a purposeful click, and CIX’s voice flutters through this knotty concoction, dropping harrowing images like “all my friends’ arms are covered with scars.” And yet, there’s still an undeniable playfulness to “Denature Me”, with twirling flutes and childish recorders that invite your mind to drift off somewhere pleasant. It’s a bait and switch though, as CIX quickly cuts back to reality with the lines “spending too much time in strangers’ cars / I know in my heart this man deserves to die.” A truly beguiling track that leaves you uncomfortable yet undeniably compelled, “Denature Me” is a real statement of intent from CIX.

Listen to the song below or on streaming platforms.

“Denature Me” is out via Spinny Nights. With more to come from CIX very soon, make sure to follow her on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.