Chelsea Wolfe and Jess Gowrie are Mrs. Piss: listen to two tracks

Mrs. Piss is quite a name for a band, but would you epect any less from Cheslea Wolfe – especially when she’s teamed up with long time ally and tourmate Jess Gowrie. Even more radical, the debut album Self-Surgery is coming out in little over two weeks on May 29. Wolfe says:

Working on this project brought Jess and I so much closer as songwriters and production partners, after reuniting as friends and bandmates. It was freeing and fun to channel some wild energies that I don’t typically put into my own music. We tried not to overthink the songs as we were writing them, but at the same time we did consciously put a lot into crafting them into our own weird sonic vision. This project was a chance for us to do things our own way, on our own terms, and we plan to invite more womxn musicians along for future Mrs. Piss recordings.”

The duo (which could soon turn into a bigger collective), have today shared two tracks “Downer Surrounded By Uppers” and “Knelt”. The first, “Downer”, is a throttling, hair-raising punk rock rush through razor guitars and torrential drumming. On the second track, “Knelt”, they get more sludgey, which allows Gowrie to show off more of her programming, adding extra atmosphere to this cavernous song.

Self-Surgery by Mrs. Piss comes out on May 29 via Sargent House.