Photo: Kodai Ikemitsu

CHAI share fun, Tokyo-romping video for their cover of City Pop classic “Plastic Love”

While the genre’s staunchest fans may wonder why Mariya Takeuchi’s “Plastic Love” has become the City Pop song, there’s no denying the resurgence of the tune from 2018 and onward. It’s unavoidable.

Hence, it makes perfect sense for the ever-delightful Japanese quartet CHAI to cover the song, which arrives as the b-side to the recent “Donuts Mind If I Do”, and, needless to say, they came up with absolute joy out of it.

They’ve also shared a visual for the track, which doubles as a tour through modern Tokyo, with just about the most effervescent tour guides you could possibly ask for.

Speaking on the new video, the members gleefully share, “THIS IS TOKYO! Everyone has their own perception of Tokyo, but many, at times, would say it can be sort of gloomy, sort of dark. With our version of ‘Plastic Love,’ we wanted to show you what Tokyo looks like from our point of view. From Asakusa, to crepes in Harajuku, to the skyrise buildings and Tokyo Tower, to long night-time drives in Shibuya…we welcome you to our version of Tokyo! You also notice how we’re all wearing white? That’s because we are going to disrupt the gloomy Tokyo! We are the brightness amongst the darkness and we’ve come to illuminate! Just like Mariya Takeuchi did with this song in the 80’s, we’ve come to do this again with our version today!

Check it out below.

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