Had things been otherwise, this would have been the Summer of Overmono. A series of club-ready EPs over the last few years have certainly built their reputation in the techno world, but recent re-edits of the likes of Thom Yorke and Rosalía started to display their crossover potential. But then the world ground to a halt.

Overmono haven’t wasted the time though, instead putting together a new EP called Everything U Need, which will be dropping on November 13 through XL Recordings. They say: “Our work together had so far been about exploring and defining what Overmono is… and we feel like we’ve got this nowIt’s our most complete record to date.”

The first tease of Everything U Need comes in the form of the title track, which flies pinging out of your speakers from its opening moments. The insistent and wirey synth roves around and tangles itself up in your nervous system, bracing you for the blissful addition of bass that takes “Everything U Need” to a euphoric plane. In this rarified space, Overmono show their class with plenty of caressing melodies that seem to slow down time even while the beat charges forth, and it’s an anti-gravity effect that we happily ride with them to the song’s conclusion.

Listen to “Everything U Need” on streaming platforms or via the embed below.

Overmono’s new EP Everything U Need arrives via XL on November 13 (pre-order). You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.