Cate Selna is timeless and triumphant on “melt”

LA artist Cate Selna’s type of music never goes out of style. Her artistic integrity and songwriting skill would have fit right in with Joni Mitchell in the ’70s, Suzanne Vega in the ’80s and Shawn Colvin in the ’90s.

Selna’s latest single “melt” feels like a nod to mid-’70s Joni – and the song is every bit as powerful as anything on Mitchell’s The Hissing Of Summer Lawns.

“Creating ‘melt’ was a beautiful experience for me,” says Selna. “The song ended up becoming a reflection about what is truly important – being true to oneself and embracing life’s joy. I hope that it helps others do that.”

Cate’s music transports you back to the days when singer-songwriters like Wendy Waldman and Karla Bonoff were sharing lyrically brilliant songs that had a lot more vocal sophistication than what today’s bedroom popsters deliver.

Listen to “melt” below, or find it on the streaming services.

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