Photo: Giovanni Duca

Cass McCombs pays tribute to a lost friend on “Belong To Heaven”

Cass McCombs is back with a new track called “Belong To Heaven”, and he’s not alone; assisting him on the recording are an all-star band including Danielle Haim on drums and vocals, The Chapin Sisters on additional vocals, Shahzad Ismaily (Arooj Aftab) on bass, keys and piano, Frank LoCastro on keys and Buddy Ross on hammond organ. It also sees him re-linking with producer Ariel Rechtshaid, who helmed his fantastic albums Catacombs, WIT’S END, and Humor Risk.

This lineup helps to make “Belong To Heaven” flourish into a gorgeous and tender song befitting its nature. As suggested by the title, “Belong To Heaven” is an ode to a fallen comrade, and finds Cass spending the verses listing the iconic memories of this person that he holds in his mind; “I remember you on the street at night / All glitter and chainmail but no time to fight / A grease fire burning bright.” While there is undoubtedly sadness in the atmosphere, Cass ensures that the song burns with a fiery love and creative spirit that also celebrates their life. “Through all your madness and magic and stuff / I wonder if Heaven has finally called your bluff / Call me anytime for bail from the jail in Heaven,” he jokes wistfully, knowing that this person’s life force is so vital that they’ll still be up to all their old antics beyond the pearly gates.

Watch the lyric video for “Belong To Heaven” below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

“Belong To Heaven” is out on Anti-. You can find Cass McCombs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.