Photo: Jessica Grilli

Carla dal Forno ventures ever further into her own world with the ease of “Come Around”, prepares new LP

Rather than gradually sand down her sound to be something more ubiquitous, as so often seems to be the case, Carla dal Forno has only ventured further into a world of her own creation with each release. Her debut album, You Know What It’s Like, found her already fully formed, minimalistic yet immediately identifiable and instantly gripping.

Her follow up, Look Up Sharp, added some post-punk edge to her sound, morphing it ever further into something that’s truly hard to classify as anything but, well, something Carla dal Forno would cook up.

Now, she’s set to return with her third LP, Come Around. To mark the occasion she’s shared the title track, which manages to surprise yet again: it has a laid back atmosphere, with an instrumental backing that one might even declare beachy. Of course, it still maintains dal Forno’s knack for instrumentals that get right to the point, presenting one of the most laid back atmospheres she’s yet created. all while her lyrics beckon a friend or possible lover to come spend some time in her “favorite part of town”.

Speaking on the track, dal Forno shares, “‘Come Around’ was inspired by a guy I used to play in a band with. I really admired the way he played guitar. He had this laid back strum that was effortless and cool. I was mucking around at home one day trying to imitate the way he played and I wrote ‘Come Around’. I wrote the song during a carefree springtime and I loved working on it while recording this album. There’s a lightness and openness to it, which I feel quite liberated by. It reminds me of a life I once had with very few responsibilities.

Check it out via the video below or on streamers.

Carla dal Forno’s Come Around arrives on November 4 through her own Kallista Recorss (pre-order/save). You can support her on BandCamp and also catch her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.