So after a daylong series of treats hinting at a mixtape entitled Du∆lity once he hit 10,000 followers on twitter and generally playing his whole crowd-baiting anonymity game, the faceless rapper Captain Murphy has dropped a new track featuring Brainfeeder associates Azizi Gibson and Jeremiah Jae. Sporting a locked-in spaciness and floaty organ parts that might be at home in the Brainfeeder stable, “Immaculation” represents Murphy in a similarly laid back mode to his previous singles. Listen to it and download it below and check the artwork packaged with it above.

While his press-baiting shroud of anonymity may be reaching tiresome levels, it seems with the release of Du∆lity on November 15th (or possibly before), we’ll have some sort of insight into the man behind the moniker. For now we’ll just continue to play his game.

MP3: Captain Murphy – “Immaculation” (feat. Azizi Gibson and Jeremiah Jae)