Photo: Ivar Wingan

Cailin Russo amazes on new album INFLUX

California-born Cailin Russo has achieved major success in multiple fields, but her new album INFLUX doesn’t have even the slightest hint of vanity. Even though she has a penchant for song titles in all caps, tracks like “PSYCHO FREAK” and “FATE’S INTERLUDE” have a refreshing, down-to-earth appeal.

Russo first gained fame with her roles in Justin Bieber videos, and now her modeling career is an A-list triumph. Her most recent runway appearance was for Helmut Lang’s fall/winter 2023 collection at New York Fashion Week.

INFLUX is an ambitious work that beautifully highlights Russo’s songwriting/singing talents. She credits Pink Floyd, Rihanna and Kylie Minogue as musical influences on the project. “FATE’S INTERLUDE” is a dreamy, introspective gem – and “PSYCHO FREAK” is an inviting song that the singer calls “an homage to classic early 2000s club pop.”

Regarding the new album, Rose says, “I was on a mission to have the world see me the way I wanted to be seen. If you look at my resume you see a pop-punk band, model, video vixen and songwriter. That left me with multiple identities that are all pretty hard to separate from my essence. I knew I had to make a very prominent project that would leave no questions unanswered. This body of work reflects all sides of my character – my personal life, my depth and my shallowness. One could say this is an influx of Cailin Russo.”

In many ways, INFLUX is a lot like The Beatles’ White Album. It’s a dazzling sampler that showcases Russo’s stylistic range and myriad talents.

Listen to “FATE’S INTERLUDE” below, or find the full album on your favorite streamer.

Cailin Russo’s album INFLUX is out now.

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