Burial and Blackdown release surprise split EP with two new tracks from each

As usual with enigmatic London producer Burial, new music has seemingly fallen out of the thin blue air. This time it comes in the form of a split release with fellow Londoner and Keysound label head Blackdown.

Released via Keysound, Shock Power of Love features four tracks, two brand new cuts from each of the producers, alternating as they go. Somewhat surprisingly, it’s Blackdown who goes for the grittier sounds, while Burial’s “Dark Gethsemane” skims across gloomy territory but remains light, right up to the euphoric finale: “We must shock this nation with the power of love.” Meanwhile, the closing “Space Cadet” is possibly the happiest, most euphoric we’ve heard from him.

Check out the full EP below via Bandcamp or find it on streaming platforms.

You can find Blackdown on Twitter.