Ted van Aanholt

Bumble B. Boy drops cartoonish art-punk blitz “Microplastic Person”, announces debut album

It’s indeed a rush when a slice of genre-hopping pop reminds you of Mr. Bungle, or something like Talking Heads overdosing on Adderall. Bumble B. Boy‘s firecracker new song “Microplastic Person” is every bit as cartoonish as you’d expect by those descriptors. Bumble B. Boy is the moniker of Tom Harden, a Netherlands-based Australian, and he habitually wears a beekeeper suit on stage. That true believers, is the most ordinary thing about the project.

After releasing a couple of singles and already grabbing some notable festival slots, Bumble B. Boy has finally announced his (self-titled) debut album, due out on March 15. Many of Harden’s tunes are inspired by embracing your inner infant: impulsive, overloaded on energy and relentlessly curious of ‘mundane’ phenomena like escalators, trees, street pigeons and fountains.

Bumble B. Boy calls himself “a failed children’s entertainer”, although that seems kind of harsh considering the sheer fun factor of his frantic art punk hijinks.“Anything that can make children happy, can also make grownups happy,” Harden comments. “After all, who really wants to grow up? Nostalgia is actually my business model: I want to scale up children’s parties to the general public.”

Check out “Microplastic Person” below.

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