Nashville-based songwriter Bully has revealed the details of her third album SUGAREGG, which is due to be released in August via Sub Pop. Along with that news she has shared the first single from the record, “Where To Start”. Regarding the process for the new album, she says:

“There was change that needed to happen and it happened on this record. Derailing my ego and insecurities allowed me to give these songs the attention they deserved.”

“Where To Start” gives us a glimpse into this new approach, as it finds Bully confronting her frustration head on, announcing “I don’t know where to start with you.” Nonetheless, “Where To Start” remains a jaunty pop rocker through intertwining guitar twangs and Bully’s scratchy but carefree vocals. She tears through her frustration with no shortage of glee in the process – and the lighthearted catharsis that comes reverberating out is infectious.

Watch the video for “Where To Start” below or listen to it on your chosen platform.

Bully’s new album SUGAREGG comes out on Sub Pop on August 21. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.