Picture: Alex Graham

Built To Spill return with “Gonna Lose” off their Sub Pop-released upcoming LP

The plan keeps coming back again, even if it takes seven damn years for Boise-icons Built To Spill to release another record. The follow-up to the band’s painfully underrated 2015 album Untethered Moon is called When the Wind Forgets Your Name which will be out on September 9, and congruently, the first Built To Spill LP off of Sub Pop Records.

Which in a way is a surreal thing to pronounce in the year 2022. Founder Doug Martsch seems to agree: “I’m psyched: I’ve wanted to be on Sub Pop since I was a teenager. And I think I’m the first fifty year-old they’ve ever signed.”

Lead single “Gonna Lose” has all the ingredients we’ve come to love: the uncanny wizardry with melody and noise, the wry but strangely starry-eyed lyricism (“What could be more disorienting than being on acid in a dream?”), the endearingly impulsive dynamics and sly left turns. 

Though Doug Martsch remains the face of the franchise, the group’s ever-shifting lineup keeps Built To Spill astray from mediocrity and always creatively fertile. Flanking on the wings are Le Almeida and João Casaes, both of the Brazilian psych rockers Oruã, adding new plays to the playbook. “I wanted to switch the lineup for many reasons. Each time we finish a record I want the next one to sound totally different. It’s fun to play with people who bring in new styles and ideas,” says Martsch. “And it’s nice to be in a band with people who aren’t sick of me yet.”

Listen to “Gonna Lose” below and watch the vibrant animated music video. You can also find it on streaming platforms.

Preorder When the Wind Forgets Your Name here ahead of its September 9 release. Follow Built To Spill on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.