Brian Mackey grapples with grief on “Dust On The Wall”

Pop/Americana artist Brian Mackey’s new single “Dust On The Wall” is one of the most poignant songs I’ve ever heard. It’s about how he dealt with the grief over his son’s death by overdose. The song is a preview of Mackey’s second full-length album Good Morning Ireland that drops on June 21.

“My son’s ashes were in the room where my piano was,” says Mackey. “I would sit and play when I wanted to talk to him, which helped me work through the idea that he was gone.”

Compared to Mackey’s loss, most indie pop songs sound like a trivial recounting of a high school snub. “Dust On The Wall” is right up there with Jackson Browne’s songs about his first wife’s suicide – gripping and cathartic.

Because Mackey’s music has the raw honesty of artists like Lewis Capaldi, his songs have been used frequently in TV and movies on networks including A&E, Lifetime and Travel Channel.

Watch the video for “Dust On The Wall” below, or find the song on the streaming platforms.

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