Photo: Juan Zaballa

Breanna Barbara is an international woman of mystery on “Landslide”

“Landslide”, the new single off of Breanna Barbara‘s upcoming LP Nothin’ But Time oozes pure suave and swagger. Its funky, rollicking bass melody, creeping guitars and suspenseful percussion immediately feels as if you suddenly got mixed up in some retro chic spy thriller. Barbara herself must have figured the same thing, extending the track visually with a trippy 70s inspired video, directed by Fatos Marishta.

The video was inspired by a dream I had where I was speaking to someone else but when I woke up I quickly realised it was just another version of myself,” Barbara comments. “It got me thinking about how each person in your dreams can be interpreted as different parts of yourself and how mysterious the subconscious & dreamworld really are. The song also very much evoked visuals of 1970s mystery-spy detective scenes so from there my friend/director Fatos Marishta and I came up with the idea of four subconscious dream characters, all different versions of themselves, running in & around NYC trying to keep, find & perhaps even kill hidden truths about themselves.”

The theme of running away relates to the song’s intent as well: Barbara sings about running away from your own intuition – the path you wish to lay out for yourself – out of fear, doubt, boredom, pleasing others or whatever other reason. “Landslide” walks the path in life where one can be the truest self. “I envision when you are in tune with your intuition as sitting at the top of a landslide with the nighttime sky and stars, being close to some sort of God or the truest version of yourself versus when you do fall off from that closeness it can often feel like you’re lost but you can see yourself trying to find your way through and walking away from things that you know aren’t right for you. I think ‘it’ in the song is referring to your fate & what is meant for you.”

The song offers another look at Nothin’ But Time, which will be released via Fuzz Club on November 11th. You can preorder the LP here. For now check out “Landslide” below and on streaming services.

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