Ana Leorne’s 2020 Round-up

Ah, you people know me. I swear it’s not wanting to be hipster or different or anything, but I usually tend to get distracted from whatever everybody else is listening to and focus on some niche thingy that happens to float my boat in some sort of way nothing else seems capable of—after all, this particular feeling is the main reason we got into this. Or should be, at least.

It’s devastating we can’t do our ‘best concerts of the year’ lists, too; unless you went to an absurd number of those before spring, it’s highly likely that no matter your location in the world your year was a big fat dry desert live music-wise. I guess we could be doing ‘shows we’re looking forward to the most’, but I’d be much too painful to think about venues and remember some of our favourites won’t open again. Or think about acts, and remember some won’t be able to tour abroad due to money and/or visa restrictions. Or think, at all. Everybody is so fucking tired.

But hey, I’m not here to play the Debbie Downer card; if you’re reading this, you survived. That’s more than enough for 2020. Hopefully, you’ll find comfort in knowing music will always be there for you no matter what, and that this amazing team I’m lucky enough to be a part of will help you meet your new favourite obsession. Be kind to yourself and to others; the rest will gradually fall into place.

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