Photo: Yoshihiro Mori

Boris translate the horrifying beauty of a bomb on “Beyond Good and Evil”

Japanese legends Boris are releasing their new album W at the end of next week, but ahead of that they’ve shared one final single. It’s called “Beyond Good and Evil”, and they say:

“There is a vast magnitude in a huge mushroom cloud and in decaying ruins. We feel both the sadness and beauty of these things at the same time; that is who we are. This video was made from the perspective of a mushroom cloud. The album “W” focuses on Wata ’s vocals – and she is from HIROSHIMA.”

“Beyond Good and Evil” is serene and dreamy for the most part, but knowing that it’s inspired by the bomb charges that atmosphere with a potential electricity of destruction. Wata’s voice is placid, like someone going about her normal day – only for Boris to detonate. It’s nowhere near as loud as we know the band can go, but the impact is sharp and mournful – yet still undeniably beautiful.

Watch the video for “Beyond Good and Evil” below, or find it on streaming platforms.

Boris’ new album W arrives on January 21 through Sacred Bones (pre-order/save). You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.