Bonjour Motherfuckers #3 – BPM edition

It’s starting to feel more and more like a faux départ, isn’t it? Somehow we had been mutely promised this Summer would have a much-needed silver lining to it, and yet we find ourselves stuck in the same shitty situation—or even worse, with the Ghost of Lockdowns Past menacing to pay another visit sometime soon.

The reason why we seem to become more and more restless doesn’t necessarily have to do with our collective burnout (although that definitely isn’t helping), but more with a sense of unsettledness deriving from the harsh reality check that is the whole festival season having been wiped off. We keep feeling we should be somewhere else, engaging in some sort of recurrent ritual some say has partially lost meaning over the years due to inevitable commodification, creating memories we hoped to tell our grandchildren about – if the world manages not to collapse before we’re able to produce offspring. 

Faute de mieux, music doesn’t stop and artists need you more than ever; get inspired by our monthly French selection and make sure you buy their stuff if you fall in love with them—remember Bandcamp is waiving its fees again today so all the money goes to the artists.

Gloria unveil new single, announce sophomore album

Excellent news from our favourite psych-fuzz quartet Gloria, who have just released a brand new single — their first new music since 2018’s mini-LP Oidophon Echorama. “Global Warning” marks the departure of Béatrice (one-half of Grand Veymont) and her subsequent replacement by Marie-Louise, and sets the tone for a new full-length, Sabbat Matters, that should see the light of day in the fall via Howlin’ Banana Records. Check out the video for “Global Warning” above; it was shot in April during lockdown.

Film Noir release new EP Tendrement

It’s not even been a full year since they released their debut EP Vertiges (Men of Glory) but Parisian 5-piece Film Noir are already at it again: Tendrement is their most recent offering, a six-track franglish gem that serves as a taster for the forthcoming LP they’re currently prepping with the precious aid of Cundo Bermudez (Ty Segall, No Age), Cole Alexander (Black Lips), and Samy Osta (Juniore, La Femme). From intense spoken-word opener “Hustling His Way” to vertiginous “Chateau D’Eau”, Tendrement is an exciting preview of bigger things for Film Noir.

Nathan Roche from Villejuif Underground unveils solo EP

There were one of my personal highlights at last year’s Eurosonic, and despite living in the same country as Villejuif Underground (and loving them to death) I regrettably inform I haven’t seen them live nearly as much as I’d like to. Besides them having put out a two-track release last month which sadly slipped under my radar, frontman Nathan Roche has just unveiled a brilliant solo EP titled Piano, Woman and Bicycle via Paris-based Gone With A Weed that is well worth 10 minutes of your time. Plus, there’s Rendez-Vous’ Guillaume Rottier on drums. Stream it in full above; there’s also a gorgeous vinyl edition up for grabs.

Fun Fun Funeral preview new EP The Listening Party

After having put out their debut proper full-length Everything Is OK last fall via October Tone, Lyon-based duo Fun Fun Funeral are back with a proper sunshine-ridden hymn to better days. The Listening Party is the band’s latest offering, a collection of four tracks previewed by opener “Lagoon” that smells of sunsets at the beach, late night swims, and tropical cocktails. A freak-folk/weird-pop reminiscent of West Coast sounds to help you momentarily forget about the end of days™, The Listening Party should be out anytime soon; keep an eye on their Bandcamp for info.

Polo & Pan share title-track from new EP Feel Good

Paris-based electronica duo Polo & Pan a.k.a. Paul Armand-Delille & Alexandre Grynszpan a.k.a. Polocord & Peter Pan are back with their first music since last year’s Gengis. Heavily reminiscent of pre-Virgin Suicides Air, “Feel Good” has everything to become the earworm of the season and serves as a preview of an EP due out this July. “Summer is finally upon to bring sunshine in our life and Feel Good,” they say on their Facebook page. “This new single celebrates the beauty of the simple joys that are at hand in our lives.” You can stream it above.

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