Bonjour Motherfuckers #20 – BPM edition

Sometimes it feels like we’ve been nursing this hangover for the past two years; it may be a new dawn, a new day, a new life—but it’s safe to say we’re definitely not feeling that good. But humans are nothing if not resilient (which is often just a euphemism for being stubbornly stupid), and we can’t help but believe that a new year will bring us that much needed fresh clean restart we’ve been collectively craving for a long time. After all, if we lose faith there’s not much left.

In France, dancing became verboten in last December as clubs closed down and further restrictions strangled an already moribund industry. Concerts are still allowed, but a set of rules regarding vaccination passes, tests, occupancy, and other measures make it increasingly difficult for some venues and artists to survive. I mean, we could all use a long vacation hibernating somewhere safe and warm—but our daily bread would have to be assured nevertheless, and the dim chance of even a temporary UBI seems to have been dropped in the early days of the pandemic. Power corrupts and intoxicates, y’all; and guess what? You can’t take it with you.

Our first selection of 2022 (already? really?) brings you the customary shopping inspo from croissant land, but also the comfort of knowing that some things remain the same; your monthly Bonjour Motherfuckers is still your faithful companion as you make your way out of this global shitshow, and if the apocalypse is actually unavoidable, hey—at least the soundtrack is fantastic.

Foncedalle unveil debut EP

The first croissant of the year comes from Lyon-based trio Foncedalle and their debut EP Traboule. Gathering six tracks between Madchester and French-sprinkled Eurotronic, the release comes highly recommended for those interested in a sonic throwback that isn’t too nostalgic or geographically specific—there’s stuff to dance to, stuff to chill to, stuff to smoke to. Check it out via Bandcamp above, where you can also buy the cassette.

Le Chemin De La Honte release new album Un Château Perpetuel

Anything darkwave/postpunk will always be a perfect companion for the winter months, and Le Chemin De La Honte know it well—otherwise they probably wouldn’t have waited this long to release an album that’s allegedly been ready since 2019. Un Château Perpetuel is their second full-length offering, a deliciously nervous collection of tracks that succeeds to a 2015 self-titled debut LP. You can stream it in full via label Seb Normal‘s Bandcamp above.

Bon Voyage Organisation announce new album (Loin Des) Rivages

It’s been a while since we last heard from Adrien Durand’s project Bon Voyage Organisation: their latest offering was the La Course LP, which they released just as shit hit the fan in Europe (aka March 2020). They are now returning, glorious as ever, with a brand new samba-tainted single called “Et S’Éveillent” that serves as a first taster to a new album due out on March 4th via L’Invitation Musicale. You can stream the new song above; stay put for more news on the forthcoming (Loin Des) Rivages.

Ritmo Fatale release Mouissie’s debut EP Chasing A Feeling

A shame it took me so long to find out about Toulouse-based label Ritmo Fatale. Although their whole catalog is worth exploring, a recent highlight can be found in the debut EP of Dutch artist Mouissie, a four-track release titled Chasing A Feeling that mixes italo disco, synth wave, EDM, and other intensely nostalgic electronica genres in an addictive manner. If clubbing and raving are still a no-no where you are, be sure to add the whole thing to your next warm-up playlist. It’s now available via the label’s Bandcamp.

Jokari releases solo album Main Gauche

A couple of months ago we fell hopelessly in love with Toulouse-based Boost 3000, whose debut LP Quel Album matched each and every single fantasy we might have about Frenchness. Now band member Jokari arrives with her first solo venture, a delicious collection of chansons filled with synths, recorders, guitars, and literary references (one of the tracks is titled “André Breton” and another has its lyrics lifted from a text by Boris Vian). Check out Main Gauche via Pop Supérette’s bandcamp above, where you can also buy it on digital and CD formats.

A new year also means a new Bonjour Motherfuckers playlist, which is now available for your streaming pleasure below. You can also check out last year’s here, and the year before’s here.