Bonjour Motherfuckers #18 – BPM edition

Everything has been seemingly accelerating lately, hasn’t it? Releases, festivals, concerts — even Covid. Nobody said winter was going to be easy (many have actually predicted the exact opposite), and between eventual power shortages, flu season, the British queen paying the odd hospital visit, and an unofficial general strike in the US we could actually be facing the music we’ve been avoiding for the past years.

Yet none of this matters when you’re healthy and free and losing your shit on the dance floor. To many of us who had been missing the chance to exorcise modern life’s bad vibes in the dark anonymity of a club at 4am with some random stranger, these past few months may have rung like our own personal roaring 20s. And before it all comes crashing down to cold season’s inescapable discontent, you bet people will continue to get their fix of pre-apocalyptic carelessness.

Coming to the rescue of those who prefer not to venture outside much just yet, who still feel a bit uncomfortable in small enclosed spaces, or who are simply more of a couch potato type of music lover, Bonjour Motherfuckers has a different kind of fix: your monthly selection of the best new French music always has a little something for everyone — and if you decide to buy directly from Bandcamp, for the artists too. C’est par ici.

Almost Lovers release debut EP

The newest signing to the lovely Howlin Banana Records family is French/Belgian four piece Almost Lovers, whose debut EP has come out last month. Highly recommended to fans of Brit-retro power-pop, the release was previewed by “2 Good 2 Be True” and its Autumn-coloured video which you can watch above. The EP is now available in cassette and digital formats via Howlin Banana’s Bandcamp.

Casse Gueule preview Mannus LP

In case you didn’t know, Gonzaï isn’t exactly a label but a music/culture magazine that’s been around for almost a decade now, and that prides itself on delivering a Gonzo journalism of sorts à la française. So it comes as no surprise that their latest musical offering is a refreshingly crazy marriage of electronica/psych/avant-garde from Casse Gueule — the name meaning “risky” or “dangerous.” Proceed with caution; Mannus is highly addictive. Check out a preview single above, and come back for the whole thing later this month.

Magon unveils new single and video “The Willow”

You may know him as one half of Paris-based duo Charlotte & Magon, but after 10 years of joint musical activities Tel Aviv-born musician Magon has decided to venture solo, releasing Out In The Dark in 2019 and Hour After Hour earlier this year. Now he’s back with a new single and video, “The Willow,” which serves as a preview to LP number three In The Blue, due out in December via Howlin’ Banana/December Square. Bowie, Pixies, VU — they’re all peeking here and there without their presence ever feeling too overwhelming. Oh, and the clip is nice, too.

Theoreme announces new album Les Artisans, shares title track

It’s been five years since Lyon-based Maïssa D. aka Theoreme released her album L’Appel Du Midi À Midi Pile, but judging by the first taster of her newly-announced forthcoming LP it was well worth the wait. Robotic post-punker “Les Artisans” is the title track from a new album due out later this year via Maple Death Records, an industrial-driven business card that fits the pre-winter vibe like a charm. Check it out via Bandcamp above; the LP is now up for pre-order.

Boost 3000 release debut LP Quel Album

How many time has French music actually corresponded to the pop stereotype you had nourished ever since you came in contact with a red beret? Chances are, little to none. But Toulouse-based quintet Boost 3000 is here to help change that: their debut LP Quel Album (literally meaning “what an album”) is filled with perfect enchanted melodies to soundtrack your wildest Francophone clichés—in a good sense. Everything from the vocals to the arrangements or even the lyrics place Quel Album in a strange universe, somewhere between Nouvelle Vague fantasy and Saturday morning vintage cartoons. A must listen.

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