Bonjour Motherfuckers #16 – BPM edition

Here we are in the summer of mixed feelings, with the world around us seemingly oscillating between blissful oblivion and inescapable resignation — anything but the ‘back to normality’ we so much hoped for a couple of months ago. Can’t say astrologers didn’t warn us enough though.

As clubbing officially resumes in England (and more or less clandestinely in other parts of the world), a bittersweet taste of disenchantment arises every time musical memories of summers past come galloping to the forefront of our brains as a cruel reminder of our precarious current situation; no major festivals are set to go ahead until September at least — and by then it’s highly likely at least some will have to be postponed again.

It might feel somewhat weird to keep getting all those new release notifications in your inbox like nothing’s happened, or have publicists pushing a new artist as if the oceans weren’t on fucking fire and floods haven’t been ravaging both the US and Europe with the vehemence of an apocalypse. But the truth is that music is one of the few things that actually keeps us going, and even though it might be hard to keep your head above water (especially with water levels rising at vertiginous speed) there will always be a song to make it less shitty. Here are the latest Bonjour Motherfuckers suggestions for you.

Alexis Lumière releases new EP Invitation

Rennes-based musician Alexis Lumière is not a newcomer by any means: after having played with surf-rockers Cavaliers in the 00s, he decided to pursue solo electro-synth adventures and put out two Casio-inspired albums, The Casio Stories (ERR REC, 2019) and Agent Casio: Meeting The Jazz Gang (Gone With The Weed, 2021). But if this is indeed your introduction to his wondrous synthpop world, you couldn’t have asked for a better entry ticket. Invitation is a 6-track EP filled with retro-sounding goodness in that superb French way, and is now available via Swiss label Cheptel Records.

Jeromil Sabor unveils new album Mount Vision

A mere six months after having released his latest album The Sun Inside, Bordeaux-based Jaromil Sabor is back with a brand new 10-track LP. Mount Vision was previewed by single “On My Mind”, a bright jangly indie melody in the great Sabor tradition which sets the tone for an album that quickly becomes a staple of the summer. The whole thing is up for grabs now via Howlin Banana, Permanent FREAK, and Safe In The Rain Records — as a special treat, the vinyl edition comes with a special divinatory Tarot deck illustrated by Inaniel Swims.

Bryan’s Magic Tears share new single “Sad Toys,” announce LP

The gifted son of The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and Primal Scream (as a press release describes them) is back: Bryan’s Magic Tears have announced the successor to their 2018 LP 4AM with a fine specimen of shoegaze à la française titled “Sad Toys”. The video for the track was directed by Tristan D’Hervez and Clovis Le Pivert, and mixes shots of the band with random toy imagery. This is one of the 10 tracks of Vacuum Sealed, an album they say “didn’t need any drugs to record,” and which is due out on October 15th via legendary label Born Bad Records.

Vitalic announces new album, shares first single “Carbonized”

It’s been four years since French producer extraordinaire Vitalic released Voyager, but that doesn’t mean he has been any less busy: between KOMPROMAT, his project with Rebeka Warrior, and several other engagements related to his label Citizen Records which recently turned 20, the only thing he hasn’t been doing much lately is (unsurprisingly) touring. But that too is about to change, as he just announced an EU/UK tour for later this year to coincide with the release of his new album DISSIDÆNCE, due out in October. This is the first part of a double release (no details have been given for the second one) is previewed by single “Carbonized”, which you can stream above.

Dominique André’s album Evasion reissued on the Space Oddities series

The latest instance of Born Bad Records‘ Space Oddities series is Dominique André‘s Evasion, an album that went by rather unnoticed when it first came out in 1981 (a press release justifies this indifference with it having been labeled as “library music”). Comprised mainly of abstract, ambient, and experimental electronica, Evasion was recorded in André’s chambre de bonne on an old Revox, and is now rereleased for the very first time since its original Music Touch Sound pressing. A rarity in its own right that you can stream via Bandcamp above; it’s also available on CD and vinyl.

A piece of good news to brighten up your days: Bandcamp Fridays are back! So if you’re reading this the day it was publish, consider supporting your favourite artists by buying their music directly from their Bandcamp pages whenever available. The Bonjour Motherfuckers sample playlist remains otherwise available below.